Summer Classes

2017 Summer Classes (June 5 – August 19)


Planning vacations this summer?

Champions 1826 offers summer classes that work around family schedules. Our blow out summer deal includes several free classes to allow for vacation day absences. During our summer session, classes are offered at two times: either twice a week (Tuesday/Thursday) or on Saturdays. By registering for summer classes at Champions 1826, you will be getting 10 weeks of classes for the price of 7! Whether your child is just starting out or ready for more challenging skills, our classes are the ideal activity for those hot summer afternoons.


Holiday Closings

4th Of July – July 3-8


Summer Class Pricing

Summer class pricing is reflective of the entire session (June 5-August 19).
Prices will be prorated throughout the summer according to start date.

Call the front desk at (512) 960-5050 for up to date prorated pricing which is due in full upon enrollment.


Kidspark (Tuesday/Thursday)

Kidspark (Saturday)

Tyro Gymnastics, Turbo Tumbling, UMC (Tuesday/Thursday)

Tyro Gymnastics, Turbo Tumbling, UMC (Saturday)


Summer Class Enrollment Fees:

$35 if your child was not enrolled in 2016-2017 Season
(includes activity fee, insurance & processing)
$100 deposit due for classes if you enroll before May 25, balance run May 25.
Any enrollments after May 25 are due in full at the time of enrollment.


Tuition Rates
Payment is due in full upon enrollment request


Summer Enrollment Fee: $35
(only applies to students not enrolled during the previous season/school year)

Enrollment fee includes the activity fee, insurance, and processing.

Payment in full is due at the time of enrollment.

Make-up classes are not offered.

Summer class fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

We will try to accommodate requests to transfer classes, but we cannot guarantee availability in classes.